Making a game Volume 1

rpg maker mv 2

So as I mentioned in my review of RPG Maker MV I am indeed making my own game. Don’t worry, I wont be trying to sell it to you. Its just something since i was a kid i wanted to know more about and this allows me to learn a bit. Some things that sound simple but are not is creating Items and skills. First off i recommend at first going generic, call healing items potions or herbs and weapons sword or whatever. See this isn’t because thinking up names is hard (tho I hate it) It will simply let you focus on the math involved in making skills. the formula works something like this, 100+a.atk-b.def  which basically means 100 plus players attack minus enemies defense. So you start with a base attack of 100, then add the attack power of the attacker, lets say 50 t get 150. then subtract the defense of say 55 to get a total damage of 95. Then comes the balancing act of making sure the skills do enough damage to the enemy without simply being over powering.  Items have a similar issue, for example they need to heal enough to be useful but not so much that you can just spam them to heal. Seriously if anyone has mastered this my game ( Called battle buddies as an inside joke) will probably come along a bit quicker. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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6 thoughts on “Making a game Volume 1”

  1. Man.. I’ve always wanted to make a game, but have never had the patience for it. I remember tinkering a bit with “The Games Factory”. It was awesome as long as it lasted 🙂
    I hope you get to finish it


    1. I’m sure i will, its just something I’m doing to figure out the program works and won’t be long. Its way more time consuming than i thought that, probably 15-20 hours to get an intro and town made along with a few characters and items.

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  2. 3 months ago i may have disagreed. Now i definitely agree. Im just half assed making something to learn and it is time consuming and far from easy, and half the work is done for me. I can’t imagine trying to do this from the ground up.


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