Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition

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Any long time followers of the blog know I have a love hate relationship with this game. More on that here Kerbal Space Program. Hardest game for PS4? for the longest time the game was basically broken, and not even in a small way. The only way to really play it was to learn how to manipulate a system that didn’t much work, to the point the company de-listed the game and hired a completely new company to make it. You can see that here. Kerbal On Consoles Finally Fixed?

However, how does it stack up? This one will be a bit long if you want a quick is it fixed and good sort of deal, scroll down to the end. If you want the long version where I talk about the PC, the original console version and the enhanced version keep going.

First off, the PC version is the original version and is probably the best version in terms of content. It is further along in development by a bit and has all the mods you can dream of. The controls are nice, the graphics are beautiful and is the definitive version. It also isn’t exactly all that heavy on your computer specs.

The original console version, this thing looked nice but damn was it a broken pile of shit. It would randomly delete your entire game, and not just the one you were working on. All of your save data. The control nodes were kind of like trying to do upper level geometry while drinking whiskey and juggling. Somehow, the game was fun as hell. I played it from the day I bought it until the day the Enhanced version came out.

Kerbal Enhanced Version. I gotta be honest here, this version may be my favorite version. First, I do prefer console games. I love a controller in my hands, tho I do own the PC version. That being said, the enhanced version is far superior to the original. The maneuver nodes work amazing, the ability to switch controls on the fly (pun intended) between rocket and planes in amazing and as always success or failure is just a lot of fun. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Kerbal Space Program (update)

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I have written about Kerbal Space Program a few times, and always about the console version ( I will leave the links below) this will just be a quick update and a little bit about my recent experience with the PC versions Demo that is free to download on Steam.

Kerbal On Consoles Finally Fixed?

Kerbal Space Program. Hardest game for PS4?

The last thing I can confirm about KSP on console prior to the January launch ( this come straight from a private message with their verified Twitter account) is that anyone that owns a console version is getting the updated version of the game free of charge, and they have yet to release any information on Trophies/achievement progression as to whether or not it will be new ones or just the old ones or even if they fixed the bugged one that prevented the rare person that could actually play the game correctly from achieving a platinum Trophy.

Now on to my experience with the PC Demo. Honestly outside of the controls being  little bit more responsive and easier to work with, most notably the maneuver nodes they play quite similar. I would consider picking it up to do a more detailed comparison if I had to cash flow ( hey Squad if you read this and want to hook an up and coming blog up, that would be cool)

Honestly if you have the PC with the power to play KSP and you need your fix right now, simply buy the PC version. If you prefer console wait until the reviews come out after the fix. It won’t take long, keep an eye out here.  I will be playing the day it comes out for a good long time to get you guys the info you need. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

The Sims 4 Console Preview

The Sims 4 finally comes to console next week and is being advertised as the first time a sims console game will be the same on both PC and console. While I have my doubts there isn’t much longer to wait. The base version releases on the 17th however if you reserve the deluxe version you get to play it 3 days early. I will try to have the review as early next wee as I possibly can, but until then enjoy this launch video.

RPG Maker part 2..Building houses

rpg maker 2

Full disclosure, the picture above is simple one I found and thought was cool, I did not make it. My stuff is nowhere near that good. So i’m working on a town and I decided on some log cabins next to a lake, why you may ask, I couldn’t tell you. See i’m not a very creative person so i’m mostly just building whatever pops into my head. So i watched a few videos like this one.

This may not be the best video in history, but it does get the job done and will get the ball rolling. There are plenty of possibilities out there. My game is coming along pretty well, got a few towns and a few monsters, nothing all that extravagant but enough to kinda see how the whole process works. Definitely a new found respect for the people doing this for  a living.   As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Making a game Volume 1

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So as I mentioned in my review of RPG Maker MV I am indeed making my own game. Don’t worry, I wont be trying to sell it to you. Its just something since i was a kid i wanted to know more about and this allows me to learn a bit. Some things that sound simple but are not is creating Items and skills. First off i recommend at first going generic, call healing items potions or herbs and weapons sword or whatever. See this isn’t because thinking up names is hard (tho I hate it) It will simply let you focus on the math involved in making skills. the formula works something like this, 100+a.atk-b.def  which basically means 100 plus players attack minus enemies defense. So you start with a base attack of 100, then add the attack power of the attacker, lets say 50 t get 150. then subtract the defense of say 55 to get a total damage of 95. Then comes the balancing act of making sure the skills do enough damage to the enemy without simply being over powering.  Items have a similar issue, for example they need to heal enough to be useful but not so much that you can just spam them to heal. Seriously if anyone has mastered this my game ( Called battle buddies as an inside joke) will probably come along a bit quicker. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.