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I have written about Kerbal Space Program a few times, and always about the console version ( I will leave the links below) this will just be a quick update and a little bit about my recent experience with the PC versions Demo that is free to download on Steam.

Kerbal On Consoles Finally Fixed?

Kerbal Space Program. Hardest game for PS4?

The last thing I can confirm about KSP on console prior to the January launch ( this come straight from a private message with their verified Twitter account) is that anyone that owns a console version is getting the updated version of the game free of charge, and they have yet to release any information on Trophies/achievement progression as to whether or not it will be new ones or just the old ones or even if they fixed the bugged one that prevented the rare person that could actually play the game correctly from achieving a platinum Trophy.

Now on to my experience with the PC Demo. Honestly outside of the controls being  little bit more responsive and easier to work with, most notably the maneuver nodes they play quite similar. I would consider picking it up to do a more detailed comparison if I had to cash flow ( hey Squad if you read this and want to hook an up and coming blog up, that would be cool)

Honestly if you have the PC with the power to play KSP and you need your fix right now, simply buy the PC version. If you prefer console wait until the reviews come out after the fix. It won’t take long, keep an eye out here.  I will be playing the day it comes out for a good long time to get you guys the info you need. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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4 thoughts on “Kerbal Space Program (update)”

  1. Hey Savior I massively recommend Kerbal and would spend the $40 to buy it again if I lost it. Just take a look at the reviews for the game on the Steam store and you will see a lot of people describe it as life changing. My girlfriend laughs at me when I suggest this but the game (if you can call it that) alters your view on the world and physics. You will find yourself wanting to educate yourself further outside of the game, it certainly alters the way your mind works.

    1. My good man i could not possibly agree more. The new console version is absolutely amazing and the PC version speaks for itself with all the MODs and support from the community. The original console version was a bit rough and I see why it turned so many people away, the enhanced edition however has my 100% support and recommendation as does the PC version, and I truly hope both get years more content.

  2. Wait theres a console version??? Im looking that up right now 😀

    I didn’t buy the new DLC for Kerbal though as from the reviews on Steam it looked like it wasn’t actually bringing that much more into the game, bit disappointing

    1. From what i read the DLC doesn’t have anything you can’t do with MODs. But yea there is a new console version called kerbal enhanced edition on PS4 and Xbox one

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