The Other Side of The Door


The Other Side of the Door is a typical horror movie in pretty much every way imaginable. That’s not to say its bad because it most certainly is not. The main plot is the mother and her son and daughter get into a car accident and go off a bridge. The son is trapped and can’t escape and the mother must make the horrific choice to leave her son to save her daughter as the car fills with water. After which the mother attempts to join her son by taking way to many pills, but her husband saves her. A nurse tells her of an old temple that will allow her to speak to her son one last time but there is one catch. No matter what she can’t open the door.

Well of course this wench opens the damn door and releases her now evil sons spirit into the world where it proceeds to kill people and terrorise his still living sister. The plot is pretty standard but the visuals are nice and so is the creepy sound. Strong acting also helped quite a bit. While not some amazing movie, its worth a watch. As always thanks for joining me, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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