Just Cause 3

just cause 3

I was never really tried ┬áthis series and since it is free in the month of August on PlayStation plus I obviously needed to try. And outside of some major connection issues that don’t actually mess with game play anyway. The controls aren’t great, shooting isn’t very accurate and any car you drive handles like a tank. It also gets a bit repetitive but it is still fun. The ability to grappling hook yourself into the air switch to your chute to gain altitude then switch to a wing suit to fly is absolutely amazing.

The story is quite vague at first but isn’t bad, but I can’t deny the vast amount of my time was spent screwing around which I am not convinced isn’t the point of this game in the first place. While not the best game I have played recently it was without a doubt a fun experience, one i hope many of you will enjoy. Remember, while you are out there, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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