Star Trek 6

star trek 6

Star Trek 6 the undiscovered country from 1991 is the story of the destruction of the Klingon moon that threatened to destroy their home world that resulted in the Klingon empire and Federation making peace. Well one of the times. They fight a lot. This time the crew is in a hurry to save Bones and Kirk from being killed for assassinating the Klingon High Council. While not the best in the series its also not the worst. The usual statements are true here, acting visuals and sound are all where they should be. The movie however is pretty unremarkable. I had forgotten I had even seen it  until I started watching it.

The scenes with the ice prison was pretty well done, and i’m glad it wasn’t a rip off of Hoth from Star Wars tho i don’t doubt many will attempt to make the connection anyway. Once again, may the gaming gods bring your glory.



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