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Every so often I see a game and I want to try it, but I don’t know enough to risk the money. Normally $20, I got it for $8 this week on sale since admittedly I have blown more on worse endeavors. Maybe its because its not much money that despite the faults of this game, which there are quite a few. The controls are clunky, shooting an arrow is difficult to aim and swinging a sword or staff is basically the prototype for For Honor from Ubisoft. Its stiff and not as well done, but its functional. The visuals are outdated even when it released on PC back in 2008 and while the PS4 version is improved that is not saying much.

With all the negatives out of the way I must admit greatly enjoying this game. See as a guy that loves swords and elves and shit, this game is sort of like a holy grail for me. You get a short tutorial on how the combat works it drops you into the game, alone and with one pretty short mission to get you started you are left on your way to make a name for yourself. Unlike most games you are not a chosen one or even any one of note. You simply are. From here you can hire mercenaries to protect you as you trade, or raid villages and castles or even if you want to attempt to marry a rich woman with land of her own. That being said these options all exist for women, there is even trophies dedicated specifically towards playing as a female character.

The main draw of this game for me is that its a wide open and unforgiving much like earth hundreds of years ago. One wrong move and your army is gone and you are left to start again if you survive. One right move however, and the world is your for the taken. So to you that join me, may the gaming gods bring you glory. And to those that do not, may they bring you even more glory.

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7 thoughts on “Mount and Blade: Warband ps4”

  1. Interesting that the game pulls the player out of the typical “destined hero” scene. I would love to run around as a nobody that influences others around me to join me rather than just have the relations given to me. I’m sure it’s a background element of the game, but still cool.

    1. This game actually does a fairly good job at making you feel like a nobody. I met a lord after winning a tournament who claimed he never heard of me, but the guy standing directly next to him reminded me of a time we attacked a castle together. It is actually interesting to see how people view different actions you take in the game.

      1. Wow, great snippet. That paints a pretty good picture of what to expect in the game. Atmospheric elements like NPC dialogue is definitely worth paying attention to, and some games completely ignore that.

      1. Fun and hard to master battle mechanics, a lot of weapons and armors to choose from, many different units and many ways of becoming the ruler of Calradia (marriage, trade, brute force, etc) are my favorites reasons to forget visual appealing

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