Disgaea 5 PS4


Disgaea 5 is a turn based tactical RPG. As traditionally with this series you play a demon in hell on a quest for revenge that also happens to coincide with stopping saving the demon world from destruction. The game has some rather weird characters that are easy to enjoy, tho the series obsession with sardines is still a little weird to me. One character even steals a quote from the rock (the wrestler) and of course he is completely jacked.

There are also in game options that let you increase or decrease the level of opponents to insane levels, go on side quest inside of items to make them stronger and even bribe people in the senate to pass laws and stuff that let you recruit new and stronger characters. It is a very different and interesting sort of game that any RPG fan would do well to check out. As always thanks for your time and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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