Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them


The prequel set in the Harry Potter World, and it had some big shoes to fill. But did it succeed? Well with over 800 million world wide it would be hard for me to say no, and it would be even harder for you guys to take me seriously if I said it didn’t. That being said there are many places this movie succeeds and a couple where I think it could be better. The world is for lack of a better word fantastic, the magical creatures are great in both looks and diversity and all seem to have their own personalities.

Now for where it can improve, I really don’t like Newt, the main character in any capacity. I’m not sure if its the actor coming across or odd or how he is written but just something about him i don’t like. The story itself while amazing to see what the wizard world is like in early 1900’s America is rather boring i thought and not only because it is slow to build. The title Fantastic Beast is a bit misleading as the hunt for the beast seems to take back seat to all political stuff which is kind of half assed because its trying not to over shadow the beast and in the end both don’t do as well as they should have.

The movie is fun and while I think its the worst in the Potter universe its still a great movie. So give it a shot, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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