Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban(explained badly)


So here we are again, another explain Harry Potter badly post because honestly anyone that would read this has already seen the movie by now.

Our journey starts with our Abused wizard Harry Potter lying about his school beating him with a cane to his even more abusive ant that has an unhealthy obsession with dogs and abusing them with copious amounts of alcohol. Potter “unintentionally” ¬†blows her up like a balloon and floats her down the street. Realising there would be severe repercussions he runs away and accepts a ride from some less than savory folks on a bus where the minister of magic forgives him.

On the train ride to school we discover the true knowledge of the the Potter universe. Things that steal souls won’t go near gingers. True story, go back and watch. Anyway eventually we get to see Harry Potter bully the local rich kid with snow balls and an invisibility cloak and continues on the quest to avoid Sirius Black until it becomes a quest to kill Sirius Black which then leads to the discovery that Sirius is his loving god father that was framed by a dude named Wormtail and with a name like that they really should have known. Anyway after some time travel everything ends up being pretty good. Go enjoy the movie, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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