Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (Explained Badly)


This movie has a bad start for our formerly abused young wizard harry, as old man Dumbledore cock blocks the hell out of him with the hottie in a diner. After a quick teleport our 2 unlikely friends go and coerce an old teacher with an unhealthy obsession with children back to school to teach potions.

Speaking of potions young Potter finds the book that belonged to the half blood prince and cheats his way to some great grades and a potion of luck. Look there is a lot of cheating going on in this one, Hermy cheats to get Ron on the quidditch team Harry cheats with the luck potion to trick a drunk professor into giving him some info Draco cheats to kill a man by letting Snape do it. Just all around cheating going on.

Also another added point the bro code means shit to Harry as he fools around with Rons sister Ginnie in a dark room in the school one day but hey at least the eventually get married so I guess its ok. All that being said this was simply another movie that will survive thru generations of people, until next time, may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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