Fishing Planet

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I used to go fishing with my dad as a kid every summer, so on occasion I partake in a fishing or hunting game. I have played a few but most were simply decent games nut nothing fancy. Check out these graphics tho.

fishing planet

For a free fishing game they are great, the sounds are also great and the controls are basically flawless for a fishing game.

The starting tutorial is short an to the point and will teach you the basics of catching a fish. The game then sends you on your way to go on fishing trips in various and numerous places in North  America. There are some flaws however, for example the character customization is very very limited.  You will unlock more outfits later but your avatar goes pretty unchanged.

The bottom line on this one is if you love fishing, this game is the closest I have ever seen to fishing without actually going fishing. Now get out there, reel in a big one, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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