No Man’s Sky, The journey continues

no mans sky

The story of No Man’s Sky is a very storied one. From big dreams and great hype to broken promises and more. By now we are all familiar with all that stuff tho by now. So I am going to give you a brief breakdown on my original thoughts on the game, then add my take on the new stuff added.

First my seemingly unpopular opinion. I was unaware of most of the hype and promise surrounding the game. The graphics while not great were pretty fun I thought and the joy of discovering new creatures was great. There were plenty of bad things, but I will save that for the next section.

The updates over the last year have been great, most notably for me was the base building is easy and fun to use and the more frequent space battles are pretty cool. That being said some of the main flaws are still there. For example you will still be spending 90% of your time simply shooting stuff to collect resources and the story while expanded is still pretty meh over all.

Honestly if you have never played the game before now is a great time to give it ¬†shot, but if like me you logged a ton of hours at release ( I was up over 60 easily) there isn’t much reason to come back unless you love base building. There are better games out there like Elite Dangerous if you simply have an itch to go exploring the galaxy. Fly safe and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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