The Rezort

The rezort

To start let me say this, I did not spell the title wrong, its a zombie movie and we all know they just toss the letter “Z” where ever they can. With that out of the way this story takes place after the zombie apocalypse after the war against the zombies has been won. A remote island was discovered crawling with them and a well known company that also handles refugees won the bid to eradicate them. Instead in what I feel is the most realistic part of the movie they built a damn amusement park. And well you know this can not go wrong.

Move forward to the movie itself, a woman on her honeymoon alone because her husband left her at the alter goes to the park with a group that includes our main character, a woman that wants to face her fears and her boy friend as well as a few others. it isn’t long before something goes wrong, the fail safes fail zombies are everywhere and people are dead. It is a very well done tho a bit corny at times movie that is very much worth a watch if you are into the zombie genre. There are also a few nice surprises floating around that I will not ruin for you. So go enjoy, and my the gaming gods bring you glory.

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