Dead Awake

dead awake

It is very rare I hop onto Netflix, pick a movie knowing it will be a cliche dumb movie watch it anyways and end up completely wrong and enjoy myself completely. This is one of them. Not only was I wrong, not only did I enjoy myself, but I actually ended up thinking more than I probably should about how so many different cultures from different sides of the world thousands of years ago experienced the same thing.

The story starts out at a party, seemingly a combination birthday party reunion between two sisters that quickly turns to a sleep walking conversation to a sleep paralysis conversation to a fight and someone leaving. I don’t remember her name but honestly because one the same actress played both Kate and Beth Bowan as they were twins and two she ends up dead quickly. The living sister quickly teams up with dead sisters boyfriend Evan to find out what her strange dreams mean that they are now both having before it kills them as well. What follows is a roller coaster ride of trying to stay awake not seen since The Nightmare on Elm Street movies and a war between science and the mystical. With out a doubt if you have access to Netflix watch this movie, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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