Pod (2015)


Pod is the story about a brother and sister trying to help their delusional brother who has locked himself in the family lake cabin. The movie starts with a man hunting and his dog being killed. After blindly shooting a few rounds he hits something and panics.

This around the time he locks himself in and his brother and sister arrive. What follows  is a thrill ride of paranoia delusion that you can honestly believe is happening. The acting is very well done, and they do a very good job of telling the very real story of what so many veterans go through each and every day. Having spent time with a few Vietnam vets I can honestly say this is quite accurate. The paranoia of being followed or having  a tracking chip in your gums was greatly done…However in this case our paranoid and delusional soldier really was experimented on by the government and they really did send a creature to kill him. I won’t ruin all the finer details but please go check this one out and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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