Nightmare on Elm Street 3

elm street 3

Dream Warriors brings us back to the Wes Craven Nightmare movies. Nancy is back, this time to help a group of kids in a hospital to help kids suffering from a type of group psychosis resulting in nightmares. Kristen has the ability to call the others into her dreams to face the master of dreams, and that master is none other than Freddie himself. Each child has a special ability that can be used to battle in the dream world to buy time for Nancy and Dr. Neil Gordan as they attempt to find the body of Freddie in the real world to bury it on hallowed ground and stop him once and for all and only 1 man can supply that information,the very drunk Donald Thompson father of Nancy.

A lot of things happen in this movie, like finding out from the ghost of Freddy’s mother that he is the bastard son of 100 maniacs and a few other things I won’t spoil just in case someone happens to have not seen it. Be careful when you sleep, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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