Freddy Vs Jason (Jason’s side)

freddy vs jason

So, I know I’m skipping ahead a bit but me and Savior decided to join sides and debate who really hand the upper hand, Elm street’s #1 Christmas fan or Crystal Lake’s mascot. So Savior covered Freddy’s side, so I’m going to cover things through Jason’s perspective.

So sleeping peacefully, minding his own business, he gets woken up by his mom telling him to go to Elm Street because kids are off drinkin, smokin, and screwin like usaul. So Jason wakes up grouchy and walks all the way to Elm Street to go teach the kids of 1428 Elm about the dangers of alcohol and premarital sex…with his machete. He taught a couple of those pesky kids good but than the cops came, worried about some hoodlum named Fred Kruger. Jason, being a morally upstanding citizen, kept a chopping, finding his way to a rave the kids were throwing in a cornfield. And they didn’t invite him, which was rude. So he went to the rave anyway, because obviously the postal service lost his invitation in the mail, and oh what a ball he had with the youth of Springwood. Good times were had by all but the same group his mom wanted him to talk to ran away again, for some reason to the local psycheward. Jason met a few more of them there but one strange young man put him to sleep and there was his mom…but not quite. It was that dastardly villain Freddy the good people of Springwood were afraid. Jason couldn’t leave Springwood at the hands of this madman so he faced the rude burn victim and kicked his ass a bit. But Freddy’s dream magic sent him back to the crummy day he drowned. But those nice kids woke him up with Freddy in his old stomping grounds none the less. After a epic but bloody battle Jason triumphed, leaving the lake with Freddy’s head in hand…

Happy Halloween and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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