The Reunion (2011)

Every so often a friend says “Hey Savior, watch this movie” and we got a 50/50 ratio. Sometimes its a good movie, sometimes its them screwing with me and making me watch a crap movie.

Now first you are going to have to get over the fact that John Cena is in the movie. Waiting…waiting…Yea you either love him or hate him basically. Anyway the story here is a group of dysfunctional brothers and a sister meet up after their father dies to split up a boat load of cash. Around 3 million each.

But of course there is a catch. They have to work in a family business together for 2 years. But before they get started they will rescue a very rich business man with a very large reward for saving him.

The movie will have a few laughs and is pretty well done,and while not perfect isn’t as bad as one would think for having a wrestler as the star attraction. I can’t say its for everyone but most people will find something to like. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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