The Chaperone (2011)

So people have been saying “Hey savior you wrestled a bit, review more wrestler movies” so here we have WWE’s Triple H in The Chaperone.

This movie isn’t great but admittedly it was surprisingly good. Hunter plays a getaway driver attempting to reform himself after 7 years in federal prison after his friend ditched him during a bank robbery. The problem is his kid hates him for leaving her, his wife that struggled to finishing nursing school is still rightfully pissed and people aren’t quick to hire a felon.

While fighting to get back into his daughters good graces he is invited to chaperone a school field trip that falls on the same day his old crew wants him to return to his old life as a getaway driver. At the last minute he chooses the field trip leaving the crew high and dry, which results in a wild chase for money and revenge.

The movie is a fun little movie that is a feel good story for parents to watch with their kids. Adults alone probably will want a more adult centered story but really its a nice compromise between something for the kids and parents. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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