Silent Hill (2006)

I am not normally a fan of movies based off video games, tho admittedly I never really got into the Silent Hill games. I’m told the movie is pretty far off, and maybe that is why I am also one of the few people I personally know that seemed to enjoy the movie.

Also interesting is that the Silent Hill town in the movie is based off a real life town called Centralia that I have physically been to well before the movie came out. (Tho the few remaining residents pretty much hate people going there now even more than when I was there) tho if you want some back info on that I will include a link.

Anyway back to the movie itself. Visually for its time it was pretty damn creepy and the sound simply added to that even now. Having never seen pyramid head in the game I get why people were freaked out by the guy. That giant sword cutting through a steel door like it was made of butter is enough to unsettle anyone. The creepy nurses in the basement and their twitchy movements followed by maiming each other was a bit sick to.

The story itself however of a little girl going missing was a bit cliche with mom looking for her and dad looking for them both has pretty much been done to death. It was pretty well done all the same tho all the same.

There are plenty of twist and turns to keep the movie interesting and I enjoyed it. The movie wasn’t perfect and you currently need to pay close attention to it, I’d watch it alone at night personally to get the full feeling of it. Best wishes and my the gaming gods bring you glory.

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