Wedding Crashers (2005)

Another Vince Vaughn movie, this time with Owen Wilson. Christopher Walken also shows up. Hey whats the opposite of Christopher Walken? Ok no I can’t steal jokes from Dragon Ball Z Abridged plus its in bad taste, just like the actions of the men in this movie.

Basically two friends on a yearly quest to take advantage of unsuspecting emotionally vulnerable drunk women go to weddings they are not invited to and attempt to get laid.

Honestly the movie is hilarious, Vince and Owen work well together. Playing two best friends that work together helping settle divorces you cam actually believe (and maybe they do) hang out daily in real life crashing weddings. There are of course rules to such adventures like never leave a fellow crasher behind.

Eventually tho, things go bad. Real bad. While crashing a congressman’s (Christopher Walken) daughters wedding Owen falls for his other daughter hard and attempts to break a rule. He tries to take things into overtime. You have a wedding and a reception to close the deal and he wants to spend the weekend at the lake house.

Vince has other problems. See daughter number three is a “stage 5 virgin clinger” and possibly crazy. Things aren’t always as they appear and this movie has some great twist and turns. Both men also get whats coming to them in the end. The man that passed on the sacred rules of wedding crashing to them is now crashing funerals by the way and that really should be a sequel with Will Ferrell (yes he has a small part here). This movie is a must see. Oh, and before I go the answer to my opening question is Christopher Reeves. Best wishes and may the gaming gods have mercy on my soul.

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6 thoughts on “Wedding Crashers (2005)”

  1. I remember seeing this film in the theaters with my brother. We laughed so hard for the first half but kind of lost interest in the second half when it turned more serious. The only thing is, I eventually got it on DVD and didn’t find it as funny. I don’t know if my laughter was one of those “in the moment” kind of the things.

      1. Yea, but I wonder if that’s a common comedy movie problem. I mean it I love Step Brothers and laugh every time I watch it. Even finding more things to laugh at.

      2. I think it just depends on the person and the movie. Space Balls and Robin Hood Men in Tights gets me every time. History of the world just doesn’t make me laugh anymore for example.

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