The Breakup (2006)

This isn’t my usual movie but Vince Vaughn makes me laugh and Jennifer Aniston both makes me laugh and is one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Combine all that and I pretty much have to check it out.

Now lets be honest. Answer this, have you seen a movie with Vince before? If you said yes than you are familiar with his character. He basically plays the same guy in every movie with a new name. Its why most of his fans watch.

He meets Jennifer at a ball game while she is out with her at the time boyfriend and essentially forces a hotdog on her. After the game he then convinces her to hang out. A couple years later they buy a condo together.

Unfortunately while Vince is a hard worker and even owns his own tour guide business in Chicago that is quite successful he isn’t a very attentive boyfriend. He does what he wants and isn’t very considerate. He loves his girlfriend and his friends, he just isn’t the best at showing it.

After a rough dinner is when Jennifer finally has enough and the break up happens. She thinks he will apologize and change his ways. Capitan oblivious however decides he simply won’t move out of the condo and they both start playing 2 separate games. She wants to make him jealous so he will come crawling back, and he wants her to either move out for realise she was wrong. Turns out they are both stupid and the results are funny.

This movie however isn’t your typical romantic comedy with a happy ending. The ending isn’t really sad either. Its not much of anything in fact. You can take it as you want. I enjoyed it and you may too even if its just to see Jennifer’s bear bottom. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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