Darkest Dungeon (PS4)

Before I played this game I heard A LOT about it… So.. I lied. I heard it was hard and you could buy your hero hookers. I found one of those two statements true…pro tip. Its the hookers.

Seriously tho, the art style is interesting and amazing and the mature story is interesting and actually rather original but I won’t spoil that. And while the game is not as hard as it was made out to be, it certainly is not easy. You have to juggle plenty of heroes and keep your party balanced and trained as well as equipped all while keeping their mental state from going off the deep ending and actually giving them a heart attack and killing them.

All that being said, the game isn’t for everyone. First you really do have to be an RPG fan. Second you have to enjoy a game that has a lot of different things to focus on. And third and possibly most importantly you have to understand characters will die. That really can’t be avoided. The game is designed with that in mind. I imagine people out there have avoided that, but you are supposed to lose characters.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Give this one a shot, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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