Let’s Be Cops

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We all have that one friend that just takes shit way to far. Mine growing up was named Mike, we called him Monkey. We used to do all kinds of stuff, some legal some not so much. But he would always take shit from being fun to dangerous or stupid.  Sadly he died a few years ago, and yes it was his habit of taking shit way to far that killed him.

This movie is basically that. One guy taking shit way to far.  One day when they mistakenly think they are attending a costume party they are mistaken for, well cops. This of course is fun. This of course leads to one buying an old cop car and making it look like a new cop car. And a police radio. And patrols. And answering calls.

This of course eventually goes horribly wrong. I mean how could being a fake cop go wrong? Yes there is also a woman involved, because what kind of story doesn’t have a love interest? The movie is both interesting and funny, by all means check this one out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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