Happy Christmas (2014)


I hate to write this review because I love Anna Kendrick. I think she is a greatly talented and very underrated actor. I actually chose to watch this for no other reason than she was in the movie. Tho by now you probably already know by ” I hate to write this” this wont be a complimentary review. Also I normally avoid spoilers as best I can. This review I will not. STARTING IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH THERE WILL BE SPOILERS AND I WILL RUIN THE ENDING. STOP READING IF THIS BOTHERS YOU. SERIOUSLY. STOP. I WARNED YOU. THE CAPITAL LETTERS MEAN I AM SERIOUS

Yea I would have kept reading myself. The basically story is simple and actually sets it up for a nice drama comedy, which is actually how the movie was listed. A woman going thru a breaking up (played by Anna Kendrick) moves to Chicago with her older brother, his wife and sister and sends their life into a bit of a tail spin. The movie will never actually get funny. Sure you may find occasional humor here and there, but that is most movies.

The acting is stiff from most of the actors, the camera work looks like it was shot by a film student from 1997 and you know the start of a movie, say the first 30 minutes or so when you get to know the characters and their motives and such? It is usually pretty interesting but you soon want to start the good stuff? That will never end here. There is actually a scene where they discuss the best way for the sister in law writer to write sex scene in a book that like most things in this movie never gets finished and never gets answered.

The ending of the movie may actually be the first movie ending I have ever been offended by as a person watching it. Not by anything bad mind you, that would have at least been artistic and interesting or thought provoking. See Anna’s character is a bit of a party animal,and after a fight with a guy gets really drunk and really stoned. Tosses a pizza in the oven and the oven and passes out in bed.

The brother wakes up to a house full of smoke and as anyone would on Christmas that early thinks the house is on fire and runs downstairs to check on his child as he wakes his wife up and discovers…yup burnt pizza. Small argument, Anna leaves. Next day Sister in law finds Anna in the office they used to write the book, there is a small heart to heart they walk out and…”The End”…no I mean the words “The End” pop up on screen and the credits roll. Nothing is sorted out, none of the questions in the movie are ever answered the book they start writing never gets finished nothing. Just the words The End. Skip this movie people, skip this movie and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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