Warframe (Ps4)

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Warframe is one of those free games on PlayStation everyone said hey savior play, sp I downloaded it and then didn’t touch it for months. Then they kept saying hey join us. Then I found other stuff to play and again I got messages on Facebook from friends. So I broke down and played it. I now regret waiting so long. The idea is actually pretty simple. You awaken as someone attempts to force you into helping them and you fight back. What follows is the typical MMO stuff. Kill stuff and you grind for new gear and items and do various missions. Unlike the others I have played tho, you are essentially a ninja. My character for example shoots people with arrows throws knives and stabs people with a sword. A friend has a shotgun that basically staple guns people to walls and another guy I gamed with for awhile could create this bubble that we could shoot out of but people could not shoot into. The different frames all have different abilities.

There are all sorts of things to collect and power up that you can equip on your frames and weapons, which actually seems to be the best way to power yourself up and make a massive difference in the game. At the price of “free” it is a must play game, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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