Ghost House (2017)

ghost house

Ghost House is basically the the stereotypical Asian ghost story. You know most American ones involve some sort of Indian cemetery or burial mound and a pissed spirit. Well prepare for that from our Asian brethren.

On vacation before being married a couple meets a nice European couple and decide to go site seeing. This of course leads to seeing some land marks, a strip club and an old abandoned shrine with a bunch of mini houses, sort of like doll houses. When one woman attempts to retrieve a piece of cloth at the behest of their new European friends whom now decides to run away and abandon them to be possessed by an evil spirit.

Turns out this evil spirit gets really pissed off when a young attractive woman messes with these houses. It sounds good in theory but sadly the movie is actually kind of boring. It is slow, comes off pretty stereotypical to a degree that actually spoils the movie at times and the acting isn’t all that great either. I wouldn’t suggest watching this one except for morbid curiosity. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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