Lords of the Fallen (PS4)

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Lords of the Fallen is an attempt at mimicking the success of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne craze. Having played many games of the genre i can honestly say Lords of the Fallen isn’t bad, it simply isn’t as good. The controls work well and the magic does what it is supposed to, tho there isn’t much variety in it. The weapons have the same as other games of its type, big swords that are slow smaller quicker short swords meant to be paired with a shield axes and so on, all of which do exactly what you would thing and requiring different amounts of points in each stat to equip and use.

The story itself follows something similar to the soulsborne series as well, and by that I mean its there if you want to go looking for it, tho here it is much easier to find. The game is also easier than your average soulsborne game. All in all if you can grab this on sale ( or like me got it free on PSN a while back) it is worth playing, but I wouldn’t spend more than $10 or so. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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