Dead Poets Society (1989)


I have been told a million times in my life, Savior, watch Dead Poets Society.  Always meant to, never got around to it. Finally as I am flipping around Netlflix there it is. So I pop that bad boy on and away I go. At first I was a bit bored and couldn’t really get into the whole all boys boarding school thing. Enter Robin Williams character. At this point the whole movie turns around.

This isn’t the role I am used to seeing him in, but it was wonderful. At this point the students really start coming out of their shells. The students go from little rich brats you want to punch to actual characters thinking for themselves. They are learning poetry, discussing ideas defying their parents and the school itself. It is simply a movie you must experience to truly appreciate. I had always heard it was great, but I never understood why until I saw it.

Of course the entire movie isn’t happy and sunshine. There is love with a local high school girl, and I am pretty sure this was the start of Kurtwood Smith being Red Forman. The characters of Red and Mr. Perry are quite similar but Mr. Perry faces a personal tragedy that will show the true range of skill Kurtwood Smith has as an actor. This is also one of the roles that gave  Robert Sean Leonard of house his start.

This movie is still mentioned in many circled as one of those cult classic all time greats, but never seems to pop up as one of the best for any of the actors I’ve mentioned, and I think that is simply a travesty. If you have access to Netflix and haven’t seen this, now is the time. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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      1. Even I saw this last year after my friends had told me to watch it like a million times haha. The ending scene still gives me goosebumps!

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