Injustice 2 (2nd opinion)

injustice 2

Now some of you may remember when @torstenvblog covered Injustice 2 awhile back, and with Injustice 2:Legendary Edition coming out I figured I would give my opinion of the game.

The first injustice was great with an amazing story, but after the story there wasn’t exactly much to keep doing unless you were heavily into fighting games. This time around however, we have multiple endings. On top of that there is a sort of RPG element to it where you can level up your characters and equip them with new gear as well. This adds quite a bit of replay value, but they didn’t stop there.

The multiverse alone is a game all in its own. Every day or sometimes every week you can take quest to help heroes from different places save their homes to earn loot or experience. Some require you use different characters or be at some level. This so far may be the best fighting game I have played ever and it is highly recommended. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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