No Man’s Sky Xbox One


Not long ago an ambitious game was released that disappointed many, No Man’s Sky. It lack many of the features that were said would be there, the game was mostly just collecting resources just to fly to the next planet and do the same thing and the creatures looked very off. The game was a lot of fun for people who enjoyed that type of game, but many were very much not happy.

Hello Games however did eventually start releasing updates to correct this, some small some large. Many of the promised features were added and the game has greatly improved.  Hello Games announced the biggest update yet, titled Next. Not much is known besides the fact that it will be free. But that isn’t the biggest announcement they had. With 4k and HDR support it will also launch for the Xbox One and with Xbox one X enhancements.  So until then, stay safe and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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