Mom and Dad (2018)


As a parent myself I can honestly say every parent has thought ” damn it I hate my kids some times” but I can’t say I have ever wanted to kill them. You know, for legal reasons. Don’t want that in writing. Mom and Dad however is about a typical suburban family, you know mom dad two-story house two cars daughter and son.

I have to stress this, the movie is pretty much the epitome of a dark horror movie. The general idea is that one day things are normal when all of a sudden parents attempt to kill their children. While this sounds like a straight out horror movie, and it easily could be they did make it a comedy and I am glad they did.

The movie is far from perfect. The children for example play pretty boring characters, and Nickolas Cage will either be an insane over acted character you love or hate.

The good however is really good, the concept is rather fun, the comedy aspect is really fun and the horror part is pretty well done as well. The very beginning sets up a few things for later that either  you forget about until they pop up or that hint at some social commentary that doesn’t really go where you expect.

There is however one scene that may be a bit much for some people who I feel the need to warn people about. It does set up a key part of the story, but some people may be a bit touchy on the subject. One scene has a woman having a baby. After being allowed to hold it she starts to squeeze the baby which results in the nursing staff and her sister freaking out and attempting to get the baby off her. The sister then reaches for a scalpel to stab the kid with. They do save the baby, and the scene sets the fact up that the parents will only attack their own kids specifically, but it can be a bit graphic for some. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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