Dead Island Definitive Edition (PS4)


Dead Island is one of those games I missed its original release for, but I always heard mixed things on. There is no story or there is a great story you just have to go looking for it or the game play sucks or it is great. Just all over the place. So I will put this part out-of-the-way first.

Tell me that isn’t one of the best songs in a game opening ever? I dare you. Did you say it? If you did you might be a damn liar. I don’t even like rap music. Anyway back to the review, the game has its issues. The game does have a cool story, but you do really have to go looking for it. Seriously, most of the story is hidden in note books and cards and stuff. If you don’t go exploring you will miss quite a bit of it.

Another issue, your weapons will break a lot. And you can not carry many of them especially at first. You can repair them thankfully but this cost money, even if you built them yourself which makes very little sense. I don’t know why I can use tape, a battery and some wires to build an electrified baseball bat but for some reason it cost me 50 bucks to fix it and $350 to upgrade what I just built. Makes no damn sense.

That being said, I did enjoy the story, the missions are fun and running around with friends on a tropical island bashing zombies with bats and stuff is fun. I loved the leveling up system was fun and different enough with each character that they all felt different enough to be worth trying. For all its faults if you are a fan of the zombie genre its worth picking up, especially if you can grab it on sale like I did. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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