Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

halloween 4

So, let’s get this out of the way first: no I haven’t reviewed Halloween 1-3 yet. I decided to start with the “Thorn” trilogy as well as Resurrection (just because it’s such a wonderful comedy). Don’t worry, in October we’ll get the rest, but for now let’s jump into the adventures of that lovable scamp Michael Myers.

Halloween 4 begins a decade after the events of the first two. Michael, covered in burns, has been in a coma and is getting transferred to a new hospital. That is until he discovers he has a young niece in Haddonfield and busts out. Dr Loomis, seriously deformed and traumatized from his last encounter, is on the hunt for Michael again. Michael’s niece, Jamie Lloyd, has nightmares about the murderous uncle she never met and the kids at her school taunt her for it; her best friend is her big foster sister, Rachael. As Michael comes home, piling the bodies on a new rampage, it becomes evident Jamie might be closer to her uncle then she believes because evil never dies after all…

Halloween 4 is not a terrible movie, nor is it the worst in the franchise. There are some unintentionally funny as hell moments scattered throughout and quite frankly, Michael’s mask looks kind of dopey. The Ted Hollister part is one of my favorite funny parts in a horror movie. As for the story, it’s fair for a sequel with above average characters and acting as well as a cathartic ending that I feel would have been a good ending for the series but yanno, money. Like much of the series, Donald Pleasance shines as Loomis with a damn good first appearance by Danielle Harris as Jamie. In the end, it’s a fair horror sequel worth checking out if you loved the classic. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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