Halloween: Resurrection

halloween 8

I briefly mentioned this less than popular sequel in my list of 5 fun horror sequels after talking about the “Thorn” trilogy which at least has cult status. I maybe one of the only son of a bitches on this planet that loves this movie for none of the right reasons.

After H20, which had a perfect end to the whole damn saga much like Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers , we find Laurie Strode catatonic in a asylum after accidentally killing the wrong Michael. But years later, he would find her and he finally succeeds after one of the stupidest scenes I’ve seen in a horror movie. So what does the legendary Michael Myers do when he has no more family to kill? Hangs out at his house and kills a bunch of people filming a bullshit reality show there. That is basically the movie in a nutshell…

Ok, Halloween is one of the best horror movies of all time and Michael Myers is an icon of horror. If you go into this movie as a purist, this movie is going to really, really piss you off. Busta Rhymes is my favorite WTF actor I’ve ever seen in a movie, and why the hell Tyra Banks was in this is beyond me but damn was this movie absolutely hilarious from Rhyme’s kung fu noises and one liners, the cast of reality show wannabes, and some crappy stock horror molded into the traditional score. As a Halloween movie and horror movie, it’s god awful but as a comedy its great. May the gaming gods bring you glory, and as Busta Rhymes once said, ” Trick or Treat motherfucka”

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