Sleepaway Camp

sleepaway camp

Many people have claimed Friday the 13th was a knock off of Halloween and then some would say Sleepaway Camp is a Friday the 13th knock off but on both counts I disagree. Sleepaway Camp is not a good movie, but holy crap it’s freaking awesome.

After a freak boating accident ( for a lack of a better word), Angela is left traumatized after witnessing her dad and brother’s death. 8 years later she lives with her whacky Aunt Martha and cousin Ricky, and is about to go to camp. Normal hijinks ensue like games, first love, and murder. People are dropping from a (cough) mysterious killer and Ricky is seemingly suspect, because no one would ever suspect poor, catatonic Angela…

I know it seems like I spoiled the ending but I assure you, the twist end of this is one of the best  WTF ending to a movie I’ve ever seen. In fact, if you and your friends are getting together for a movie night, this is a great drunk movie. The characters are over the top with a lot of messed up quotable lines. There are some memorable kills and a laughably over dramatic score. If you want a serious horror movie, this may not be for you but if you want a great WTF experience, this is worth a shot. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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