Fallout 76

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Now I wanted to post this last week like everyone else and be like “Oh my god new Fall out oh fuck yea its online iuhfiahihfiahifvafhd freak out”…but I decided you would all read that enough. Yes I did just randomly hit keys up there by the way. Its my blog, I can do that. I decided however to write about other stuff and let everyone else fill you in. By now you know the routine. Leaving vault 76 you will be one of the first outside the vaults, and everyone you see will be a real person. Returning is the ability to build bases, but now you can build them where you want and move them when you choose. There will also be nuclear weapons you can go and grab, then just drop them on your friends. This all sounds great and looks amazing. Especially knowing that unlike most survival games, when you die you never lose progress.

I do have a couple concerns however. You don’t really lose progress in Grand Theft Auto either, but anyone that plays it knows it doesn’t take much for some random person to ruin your day. Are we going to spend 10 or 20 hours building a base just for some jerk to nuke my base and send me back to square one? If so whats the point of building it at all? If nuking a base doesn’t do much, why bother doing it at all? I truly hope they manage a nice middle ground between nuking people serving a purpose and making sure it doesn’t ruin the experience for people.

Another concern I have is the story, they have always been known for story, and will this effect that? Fallout 76 could be amazing, but I do understand why many people are concerned. Personally I am extremely hopeful. An online Fallout is something I have dreamed of, and it is finally coming. May the gaming gods bring it and us glory.


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5 thoughts on “Fallout 76”

    1. From what I have read the bases will be easy enough to fix and the nukes are meant to be used to create high level areas to get better loot. But they may not stop players from being jerks sadly.

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