The Boy

the boy

So I’m really late to the party on this one. My old roommate and I really wanted to see this a few years ago when it came out. He saw it around that time, I watched it last night. He told me don’t watch it. I almost wished I took his advice.

The Boy follows Greta, who ditches her asshole abusive ex boyfriend by taking a nanny job overseas in England. Her employers are a rich, old couple who live in a old mansion in the middle of the countryside. She meets the charming Malcolm, who brings the groceries and soon meets the child she is tasked with caring for: Brahms. Greta immediately finds herself creeped out because Brahms isn’t a child at all, but a doll made to look like a boy. Greta accepts this for easy money, ignoring the strict guidelines his parents gave and suddenly things begin happening and Greta is forced to care for Brahms like he was her own and she finds out the mystery of the Brahms that used to be…

This movie is tricky. It is filmed really nice and acted pretty damn well given the movie’s strange premise. I’m glad it’s not a common ghost stories, and I do like how you start to think Greta maybe going insane at times. I feel like the movie could have been a really psychological thriller attuned to the original Haunting, but alas the twist ending happens. I hated the twist, which kills a lot the movie for me. In the end, the movie is fine but could have been great and there’s no harm catching it on Netflix. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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