Zombie ( or Zombi 2)


Once upon a time, there was a dude named Lucio Fulchi; you may remember him if you caught my post of 5 great foreign horror films Well, he wasn’t a fan of the now late George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and he took it upon himself to make his own version in a way. In a tragic, hilariously ironic kind of way, I relate to this all too well.

So we get a Dr on a beautiful tropical island who despite the protests of the native villagers has found a means to resurrect the dead. But hey, he quickly figures out a gunshot to the head brings them down quick so no huge deal right? Well, it becomes a problem when one of these undead bastards kills a ship full of people and well…we do get to see a zombie fight a damn shark, and that alone kicks ass. A reporter and the daughter of one of the murdered people trace this weird happening back to the island where the Dr is losing control of the growing horde, losing his wife in the process. Can this group of people make it off the island alive?

Zombie may not have the most original plot or memorable characters, but it’s a damn good zombie movie, despite the dubbing at times. The zombies themselves are some of my all time favorites and the musical score compliments them perfectly. There’s a lot of blood and boobs for the low brow crowd but there’s also a surprising amount of suspense and some damn fine camera work. The wife’s death is horrifically masterful and gruesome to watch. If you love zombies and want to see zombies be zombies, this is the flick for you. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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