House of Wax (05)

house of wax 05

Warning, though named after the Vincent Price classic, there is pretty much nothing relating the two.House of Wax was a eerie, gothic tale of obsession and revenge staring a legendary actor…the remake has Sam from Supernatural and Paris Hilton. Yep.

So we get  group of stereotypical horror kids going somewhere (who the hell cares where), partying all the way. So pretty much the car breaks down in the woods and a couple of the kids have to look for help, first from a creepy redneck who takes them to an abandoned town with an ancient wax museum in the middle. It becomes clear what people are in the town are waxed over corpses and there’s a deformed wax faced killer running around.

House of Wax the remake is simply ass. It’s not so bad it’s good, it’s just lame. It tries to use the killer’s backstory of an abused childhood to be edgy but it’s just annoying. The characters are stock as hell and nothing really stands out about the movie at all. You can forget this remake and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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