unbreakable  Glass trailer 1 was my most anticipated and favorite trailer from SDCC 2018. I loved Split and was excited to jump into the first entry of this trilogy.

Unbreakable is the story of David Dunn (Willis) who is the sole survivor of a train crash that killed everyone on board but miraculously be unscathed . Not a scratch. As the story progresses we discover there’s a link to David’s unhappiness and how he survived the crash; throughout his life he’s almost never been ill nor ever been injured except for once in a near death experience where he nearly drowned. He’s strong and he has a strong instinct about people he was never able to explain. He meets a strange, disabled man named Elijah Prince (Jackson) is enticed by Dunn. Prince was born with a bone disorder, he’s super fragile while Dunn seems nearly indestructible.  Terrible things have happened to Dunn over his life and every time he has been the sole survivor. Prince theorizes Dunn is a real life superhero and tells him how he knew there was someone like him all along, an exact opposite. Is Prince a mad man or is David Dunn a real life superhero?

This movie earned it’s reputation as one of Shyamalan’s best and it is extremely refreshing in the crowded superhero market. This isn’t an action movie but a really well done character piece that dips into the superhero lore. Willis and Jackson are amazing with a good supporting cast. The music was cool. Visually it looked great; I liked the uses of Green for Dunn and Purple for Glass throughout. The pacing is slow to start, but once the two main leads interact than it really picks up. It’s  a great movie that brings a superhero story to a very grounded, relateable place and I highly recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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