The Hills Have Eyes 2

hills 2

So, anyone remember the hype they had being a kid getting into a R rated movie without your parents? This was my first time, after the awesome The The Hills Have Eyes(06)  and boy was I excited. Poor stupid younger me.

For the sequel, we delve into the the hills themselves where a clan of mutants lives. There numbers are dwindling as we see in a gruesome opening scene. A team of soldiers are dispatched into the hills after a base goes dark and after finding what’s left of there taken officer, they discover they aren’t alone and the battle of survival begins.

Ok, if it happens to seem like I’m not putting much effort into this review, it’s because not much effort was put into this movie. The plot is bland with no real memorable characters or mutants like the previous movie. The kills are weak but instead of well done gore and natural intensity, it takes the low road and tries to disturb you with some rape scenes and a woman giving birth to a stillborn mutated bay in the opening scene. I like the setting above ground where again you do feel a sense of emptiness but once the movie goes into the mines it becomes dark and drab. I will say though, there a hilarious moment with “Shitman the Barbarian” that still makes me laugh my ass off. In the end, Hills 2 is a blah cash grab sequel you can skip. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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