Texas Chainsaw massacre 2

tcm 2

If you’ve been following my posts for a while you’ll see how I have a taste for those special horror movies that make you laugh and say WTF with your friends. Most people didn’t expect such a treat to come as a follow up to the late Tobe Hooper’s gritty horror classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre . Well, after a 12 year gap, a shitload of legal battles and productions problems we got a sequel, but why were people so pissed?

So we begin with a pair of A-holes driving through the countryside, being jerks and public nuisances, even harassing the local rock station over the phone. Until they went to far and screwed with the wrong truck. While one of there calls harassing Stretch, the local DJ, the truck catches up with them and the notorious Leatherface attacks the truck shredding the truck and giving the punks a taste of his saw. Stretch has the call recorded and brings it to a mad ex sheriff named Lefty who’s obsessed with the “Chainsaw killers” would killed some of family in the first movie. After playing the recording to draw them out for Lefty, the Sawyers emerge and madness is unleashed on Stretch…

Ok, if you want a horror movie, something to chill you to the bone I recommend trying the first. This won’t scare you but if you have a warped sense of humor there’s a lot of laughs. There’s a chainsaw fight, Leatherface trying to waltz with a victim, a chili cook off, and Chop Top. Bill Mosely is amazingly quirky and over the top as Chop Top who steals the show more then Leatherface, although Dennis Hopper as Lefty is great too. There’s a fair amount of blood and creepy stuff throughout but unlike the first, this is definitely a movie and a solid dark comedy. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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