Our Favorite Movies Day 14: Poltergeist

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Here are on day 14, this is weirdly one of the few movies on the list we have never reviewed. This isn’t about truly reviewing the movies for me, but a real quick run down the little girl in this picture gets taken by a poltergeist and the family tries to save her.  The line most people know from this movie is “They’re here.” The movie itself is pretty great, as many 80’s movies were tho many were pretty horrible. This one is remembered fondly because of how great it was. That is actually why it’s on the list. I also remember this one fondly because I actually saw it for the first time with my mother, and as far as i remember is the first one I saw with her. So definitely check this one out, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


For those that are interested in picking this up, and of course helping us out. Poltergeist on Amazon


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