The 5 Worst Final Fantasy Games

We all know the Final Fantasy series, many of us have played it, but we have all heard of it. Most fans have arguments over the best ones, is it 7? 9? 10? Well how about the worst? Here is my take on that, so in no particular order here are my 5 worst Final Fantasy games.

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Final Fantasy  Adventure, if you want to know more about the story click here. The game is actually credited for spawning the Mana series, which really is something to be thankful for. But this game for me was horrible.  The attack gauge annoyed me how you had to find magic just did nothing for me and all around calling this a Final Fantasy game was just misleading.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Now we all know I LOVE Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions. But this one? I hated it. In fact it was one of the few games I ever returned the same day. The story of a kid finding a magic book and getting transported was silly, the law system where in fights you couldn’t do certain things or you would be arrested, the whole thing was just a train wreck for me.

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Final Fantasy 2. The game did introduce things that became trademarks like chocobo and Cid, but the leveling up system basically was all about what you did. Take damage to increase HP do or do damage to increase strength. This honestly truly ruined the game for many people including myself.


Final Fantasy 13. You can just go ahead and count the entire 13 trilogy here. None of them were all that great, but 13 itself was horrible. It was beyond linear, it capped your leveling up in each chapter the characters were forgettable and some (looking at you Hope) were flat-out annoying as hell.

Here is the one that will get me in trouble, it always does and people always get upset. I don’t care, this game is one of the worst in the series.

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Yes Final Fantasy 12. The story isn’t great but the real death of this game is the gambit combat system. I have won boss battles while not even holding my controller. You can legitimately set your gambits up then just walk around. The updated version is a bit better since you can speed it up so it doesn’t take as long but this is truly not a good game. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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