Seven In Heaven (2018)

Seven In Heaven is a Blumhouse production and damn is this movie weird as hell. Two teens at a party are not so willingly sent into a closet to play Seven Minutes in Heaven, and end up in an alternate dimension. Think more realistic Chronicles of Narnia. As soon as they get to the new place they find themselves in the same house, at a similar party, yet much more violent. Jude(Travis Tope) is kind of the class nerd and  June (Haley Ramm) is sort of dating the class bully that most people don’t like. These two will be stuck on the other side, and things aren’t pretty. In fact Jude is accused of stabbing the class bully Derek (Jake Manley)

I don’t want to go to in-depth with the story since honestly all of the joy in this movie is in figuring out what the hell is even going on in the first place. Not that the movie is confusing by any means, it just leaves you to figure it out right up until the very end and has a few twist and turns. The acting and visuals are nice and honestly I see no real reason for the low scores the movie has on IMBd as I rather enjoyed it myself. If you have the time check this one out on Netflix. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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