Resident Evil 7 (Torsten’s thoughts)


Resident evil 7 review was one of Savior’s earliest reviews and around then he had me borrow this and Evil Within 2 Review so it has definitely been a while but I’m getting to it in the spirit of Halloween cheer. A quick shout out to my friend Violet who went through a good chunk of the game with me and made it fun.

Essentially we play as Ethan, a dude who’s wife Mia sends him a tape after disappearing, leading him to the Baker’s estate. The house is in ruin and it isn’t long before he meets the Baker family: Jack, Marguerite, Lucas, and there dilapidated granny who show off some pretty terrifying feats, while the Molded freaks pour out of it’s walls. Are you ready to be part of the family?

While not my favorite of the series by a long shot, it is the best we’ve seen in over a decade. I was worried when it was announced it was going to be first person but surprisingly it’s done pretty effective. The gameplay is solid and there are some good throwbacks to the classics like the limited inventory system and safe rooms with tape recorders instead of type writers. There is another cool feature where you get to play through other people’s perspectives through VHS tapes you find. The Bakers are intimidating and worthy foes, Jack and Marguerite especially. Honestly, the Bakers are the highlight of the game.

There are some issues I have with the game though. The Molded are pretty weak enemies and beside the Bakers, that’s all you get unfortunately; there are slight variations but nothing spectacular. If you are decent enough with the knife you are solid. Another problem is Ethan is painfully bland; his dull reactions to some really traumatic shit are hilarious on the level of Sebastian from Evil Within . On top of that, Evelyn is a super disappointing final boss who tries too hard to be the standard creepy horror movie girl.

In a lot of ways, Resident Evil 7 doesn’t feel like Resident Evil. There’s pieces of Texas Chainsaw Massacre , F.E.A.R , Saw , and Alien: Isolation just to name a few. It rides the line between omage and rip off at times but I can’t deny it’s a good, solid horror title I recommend picking up for casual fan or series vetern. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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