Epic Dumpster Bear Dumpster Fire Redux (PS4)

First and foremost I would like to thank Log Games for tossing us a review copy of the game. It is always a pleasure to be given the chance to check out a game that a company works hard on making. Now without more waiting, let us check out Epic Dumpster Bear.

The first thing to know is the game is a side-scrolling platformer much like the Super Mario games, in fact, you will be collecting coins, both gold, and red as you make your way through levels.

Epic Dumpster Bear_20181111095018

The controls aren’t perfect but they are more than serviceable for the task at hand. The staples are all here, wall jumps and sliding down walls as well and of course after a few levels you will be able to eat fish heads to do double jumps. For a little childish humour the double jumps are caused by farting.

The one major flaw to this game is the graphics. They are quite honestly not that good, but for the price point of $4.99 I won’t complain or hammer them too hard. Especially since the gameplay goes beyond expectations for a game of that price. The game takes a solid amount of time to beat as well and has numerous bosses. They certainly did not cheap out on this one anywhere else.

Epic Dumpster Bear_20181111094955

Now for the end where I tell you a score and recommend you buy or not. A score is hard to say, I don’t like to compare indy titles to AA titles so obviously, this won’t be compared on the same 1-10 scale as say Red Dead Redemption 2. I wouldn’t feel right comparing a small dev like this to a dev that has tens of millions at a title. For an indy title, this is a 7/10 must buy for any fan of this type of game. They did an amazing job and the only real downside is the graphics and even that is usually much worse when you see games in this price range. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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