Blade Runner

blade runner

By now, everyone that reads this blog knows I’m a huge Alien fan and I was a pretty big fan of Prometheus , also from Ridley Scott ( Alien: Covenant not so much). I always wanted to venture into the film many have called Scott’s greatest sci-fi piece and what many have called one of the greatest sci-fi movies of our time, Blade Runner.

In the gritty, neon future of 2019 ( no comment) we have expanded to other worlds and the Tyrell Corporation has designed these sophisticated, nearly human androids called Replicants. Special officers, called Blade Runners, are dispatched to locate and exterminate the Replicants run amok. Deckard is a burnt out Blade Runner who wants out of the job but is given a last job, hunt down a gang of murderous Replicants lead by the enigmatic and deranged Roy Batty. In his hunt for the four, he comes in contact with a Replicant woman who tests all he knows about what he thinks is real..

I’m going to say this now, this is definitely an acquired taste.  Visually it holds up really, really damn good and is simply one of the most beautiful movies to look at I’ve ever watched. It’s a very slow movie and I admit, you better pay attention or you will be lost. Harrison Ford is great as Deckard, who isn’t a super detective in any sense, feeling like a real person in a deeply personal situation. Rutger Hauer stole the show for me as Batty, being creepy but sympathetic, and delivering a truly beautiful monologue at the end. I love the movie but I get why some won’t, but I say it deserves a try. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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